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Láadan Lessons

These lessons are offered to the the Láadan community. They are intended to provide a programmed set of lessons for learning Láadan—just like in Suzette Haden Elgin’s second edition, but at a more moderate pace than was feasible in that edition. Any feedback would be welcome; please feel free to email Amberwind.

As time goes on, the Láadan text in these lessons will be made available in MP3 format for audio reinforcement. As each lesson is completed, it will be marked with “Láadan sentences in this lesson are available MP3 format..” The voiced Láadan sequences in the text of the lessons will also be so marked.

—Amberwind Barnhart, 2020


Other Resources

Lesson 1
Pronunciation & Transliteration

Lesson 2
Word Order

Lesson 3
Vocabulary Practice 1

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6
Translation 1

Lesson 7
Your Turn 1

Lesson 8
Yes/No Questions

Lesson 9
“Wh” Questions

Lesson 10
Vocabulary Practice 2

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13
Translation 2

Lesson 14
Your Turn 2

Lesson 15

Lesson 16
Verb Complexes

Lesson 17
Vocabulary Practice 3

Lesson 18
Object Case

Lesson 19
Identifier Case

Lesson 20
Translation 3

Lesson 21
Your Turn 3

Lesson 22
Source Case

Lesson 23
Goal Case

Lesson 24
Vocabulary Practice 4

Lesson 25
Advanced Pronouns

Lesson 26
Quantifiers & Numbers, Pt 1

Lesson 27
Translation 4

Lesson 28
Your Turn 4

Lesson 29
Place Case

Article: Path Case

Lesson 30
Time Case

Lesson 31
Vocabulary Practice 5

Lesson 32
Instrument Case

Lesson 33
Associate Case

Lesson 34
Translation 5

Lesson 35
Your Turn 5

Lesson 36
Manner Case

Lesson 37
Beneficiary Case

Lesson 38
Vocabulary Practice 6

Lesson 39
Cause Case

Lesson 40
Purpose Case

Article: Case Summary

Lesson 41
Translation 6

Lesson 42
Your Turn 6

Lesson 43
Focus Marker

Lesson 44
Embedded Sentences

Lesson 45
Vocabulary Practice 7

Lesson 46
Embedded Questions

Lesson 47
Embedded Relative Clauses

Lesson 48
Translation 7

Lesson 49
Your Turn 7

Article: About Emotions

Lesson 50
First Declension Emotions

Lesson 51
Second Declension Emotions

Lesson 52
Opposites of Declined Emotions

Lesson 53
Sex & Anatomy

Lesson 54
Pejorative Affix & Inherently Negative Words

Lesson 55
Translation 8

Lesson 56
Your Turn 8

Lesson 57
Repetition Words

Lesson 58
States of Consciousness

Lesson 59
Vocabulary Practice 9:
Names & Honorifics

Lesson 60
Identifier Case, Pt 2

Lesson 61
Passive Voice

Lesson 62
Translation 9

Lesson 63
Your Turn 9

Lesson 64
Comparisons, Pt 1

Lesson 65
Comparisons, Pt 2

Lesson 66
Vocabulary Practice 10

Lesson 67
Numbers, Pt 2

Lesson 68
Comparisons, Pt 3

Lesson 69
Translation 10

Lesson 70
Your Turn 10

Official Láadan Site

Láadan-to-English Dictionary

English-to-Láadan Dictionary

Supplemental Lessons

Tower of Babel Story

Psalm 23

Psalm 100

The Lord’s Prayer

Irish Blessing

The Shepherd’s Boy & the Wolf

The Northwind & The Sun

From A Distance

Throughout these lessons, text in this type of box is excerpted, with permission, from A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan, second edition, by Suzette Haden Elgin.

...and text in this type of box is quoted from communications with Suzette Haden Elgin, the founding mother of Láadan.

...text in this type of box represents less-formal Láadan phraseology. This is perfectly understandable Láadan, only eschewing some of the features required for absolute grammatical formality.

...and, finally, this type of box contains notes on how Láadan was originally, contrasted with how it has evolved since Suzette Haden Elgin has died and a second generation has taken over the development of Láadan.